A Program , Project and Grant Management Online Solution


Running a sustainable nonprofit organisation is no joke. From finding suitable members to running logistics to getting good work done, there are a lot of factors involved.

With modest pricing that allows access to all modules, Our Solution covers NGO management and much more to run your organization. Be it tracking members, donors and volunteers or recording and receiving grant applications — We handle everything.

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Web — Mobile — Desktop — Payment Solution :

Omni Chanel Retails Solution

Omni-channel retail (or omnichannel commerce) is a multichannel approach to sales that focus on providing seamless customer experience whether the client is shopping online from a Web Commerce ,Store through POS or Through Mobile Apps .

What is the difference between Omnichannel and Multichannel?

A modern cloud manufacturing ERP software that simplifies the production cycle helps track material consumption, exhibits capacity planning, handles subcontracting, and more!

The manufacturing industry involves diverse processes and operations that are necessary for business and production. Starting from the procurement of raw materials to delivering the final manufactured product, a series of operation timelines has to be followed. This series of operations ensures that the manufacturing process stays in control and the expected timeline is followed.

Our ERP Integrates your production planning and shop floor. Our Manufacturing ERP, customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting make real-time coordination across all your business verticals easier.

We work with ERP called ERPNEXT and SAP Business One.

Inventory Management System :

Online Virtual Classroom

Why Virtual Classroom?

  1. It brings participants together from different geographical locations.
  2. No expenses for travel, hotel & training facilities.
  3. All types of digital media can be integrated (e.g. videos, ppt’s, podcasts, etc.)
  4. Interaction between participants and instructor via application sharing.
  5. Suitable for training deliverables on short notice.
  6. Encourages social learning.

Sessions can be recorded and archived and thus can be used as a refresher course.

Virtual Classrooms — A Technical Overview:

A virtual classroom is an online classroom that allows participants to communicate with one another, view presentations or videos, interact with other participants and engage with resources in workgroups.

World Refractories production in 2022 will be 59 MnMT. The iron and steel industry is the major end-user of refractories, mainly used in internal linings of furnaces, different types of refractories are used depending on temperatures and service conditions of applications such as boilers, Blast furnaces, kilns, ovens, etc..

BSS ERP for Refractories Manufacturing Industry is designed to handle complete needs in the most efficient, effective & accurate way. BSS ERP has continuously evolved since 1999 and BSS ERP is committed to providing an industry-specific, comprehensive, and robust ERP solution for Chemical Industry.

We at Bargad labs empower Non-profit organizations by providing Technical solutions with the lowest minimum cost.

Our ERP systems can bring an enormous amount of benefit to the non-profit organization. Faced with managing administrative systems, financial systems, and personnel (both employees and volunteers) across different countries and cultures, Nowadays diversity and multicultural transactions help NGOs to grow and sustain and keep their motive intact, NGOs depend on IT systems to keep their organization together and functioning. …

JAMstack is a new and modern way of building websites and apps. The “JAM” comes from JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. The JAM stack is not about specific technologies. It’s a new way of building websites and apps that delivers better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and a better developer experience.

There are three main pillars for the JAMstack

JS + APIs + Markup = JAM

Javascript running on the client handles all the events/dynamic programming in the application cycle.

API is the abstraction for backend services where re-usable API’s (includes any third-party provider) are accessed directly over HTTP…

Python’s community is Vast, Diverse, Aims & Grow

Python is a high-level programming language. It was initially designed by Guido van Rossum and released in 1991. Python is one of the finest, flexible & dynamic scripting programming language like PHP, CSS. It is rapidly gaining popularity among start-ups and cloud technology provider companies all over the world. Python is basically designed for general purpose web development and for the desktop application python works for Desktop & Web application both and it is used for backend web development, However, over the past few years, Python has emerged as a first-class citizen in modern software development. …

Support: Your website plays a big role in your business’s success. In the modern marketplace, you’ve got to have a professional website. That’s why it’s imperative for regular support and maintenance.

When something does happen to your website, you have a much better chance of mitigating the issue if you know about it right away. The longer you delay, the greater the chance for destruction. Your site could go down or not function properly as a result of many things like a hosting issue, an unintentional error made by your staff, or even a hacker.

You want to stop focusing only on getting tickets closed and instead work on building strong relationships with your customers. Bargad Software Solutions are the best who offer website support and development services to their clients…

Despite India having a population of 1.38 billion and a workforce of 467 million, plastics companies have reported problems with labour shortages. This has led to increased investment in technology such as automation and conveyor belt systems.

Over the past few years the demand and Supply of plastics in several industries has increased tremendously. To cover and manage the rising demand, daily requirement, production, Inventory and supply of plastic.Take …

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