We at Bargad labs empower Non-profit organizations by providing Technical solutions with the lowest minimum cost.

Our ERP systems can bring an enormous amount of benefit to the non-profit organization. Faced with managing administrative systems, financial systems, and personnel (both employees and volunteers) across different countries and cultures, Nowadays diversity and multicultural transactions help NGOs to grow and sustain and keep their motive intact, NGOs depend on IT systems to keep their organization together and functioning. …

JAMstack is a new and modern way of building websites and apps. The “JAM” comes from JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. The JAM stack is not about specific technologies. It’s a new way of building websites and apps that delivers better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and a better developer experience.

There are three main pillars for the JAMstack

JS + APIs + Markup = JAM

Javascript running on the client handles all the events/dynamic programming in the application cycle.

API is the abstraction for backend services where re-usable API’s (includes any third-party provider) are accessed directly over HTTP…

Python’s community is Vast, Diverse, Aims & Grow

Python is a high-level programming language. It was initially designed by Guido van Rossum and released in 1991. Python is one of the finest, flexible & dynamic scripting programming language like PHP, CSS. It is rapidly gaining popularity among start-ups and cloud technology provider companies all over the world. Python is basically designed for general purpose web development and for the desktop application python works for Desktop & Web application both and it is used for backend web development, However, over the past few years, Python has emerged as a first-class citizen in modern software development. …

Support: Your website plays a big role in your business’s success. In the modern marketplace, you’ve got to have a professional website. That’s why it’s imperative for regular support and maintenance.

When something does happen to your website, you have a much better chance of mitigating the issue if you know about it right away. The longer you delay, the greater the chance for destruction. Your site could go down or not function properly as a result of many things like a hosting issue, an unintentional error made by your staff, or even a hacker.

You want to stop focusing only on getting tickets closed and instead work on building strong relationships with your customers. Bargad Software Solutions are the best who offer website support and development services to their clients…

Despite India having a population of 1.38 billion and a workforce of 467 million, plastics companies have reported problems with labour shortages. This has led to increased investment in technology such as automation and conveyor belt systems.

Over the past few years the demand and Supply of plastics in several industries has increased tremendously. To cover and manage the rising demand, daily requirement, production, Inventory and supply of plastic.Take …

We offer Cost affecting ERP to address the needs of TMT Bars Manufacturers as they shift to lower cost production and look to drive operational efficiencies.

The manufacturing of TMT bars involves a series of processes that dictate its strength and flexibility. These bars are well-known for their high tensile strength and ductility. Different grades in which TMT bars are available include Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, and Fe 600.

The main factors that determine the quality of TMT bars are as follows:

· Quality of the raw materials used

· The rolling mill used as that ensures uniform…


Sourcing, also known as Strategic procurement, is the practice of locating and selecting businesses or individuals based on set criteria. Sourcing is carried out in business in many different areas and for different reasons. One of the most common uses of sourcing is to support the supply chain.

Sourcing is the stage that comes before any purchase decisions are made and can be considered a sub task of the procurement department. Before you can think of procure materials from your suppliers, you must first find registered and vet those suppliers. When you have an effective strategic sourcing process in place…

Industrial Equipment


Most of the Industrial Equipment or Machinery Manufacturer may be facing various business challenges including complex supply chain and inventory control, raw material assumption, disconnected legacy systems, quality control of machinery, delivering products faster and supply demand management.

Whether you’re crafting industrial machinery or high-quality tools, engineering precision is a must for delivering complex and customized products.


● Control and Plan Your Production Life Cycle

● Item Variants Management

Control and Plan Your Production Life Cycle

● Item Variants Management

● Bill Of Material (BOM)

Product Configurator

● Shop Floor Management

● Material Resource Planning

● Quality Inspection

● Subcontracting

● Capacity Planning

● Serialized Inventory

● Supplier Portal

● Multiple Units Of Measurement

CAD Integration

Supply Chain Management

Asset Management

● Bill Of Material (BOM)

Our distinct Process within our ERP system Helping Industrial Pipe Manufacturer in all the way, Whether it will be Boiler Pipes, Line Pipes, Hydraulic Tubes, Heat Exchanger Tubes, Mechanical Tubes. Our Distinct Production planning helps Hot Finish and Cold Drawn Production Lines.

World’s #1 ERP for Small & Medium Organisations

For most organizations, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are the vital backbone of all of their business transactions and communications. ERP systems today are increasingly becoming beyond simply being the core of transaction processing for large, complex enterprises, such as e-business and B2B commerce. Some of the more common ERP include those for product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance and HR. Now the upkeep of such a big business is no easy job and requires an application software called ERP enterprise resource planning.

Before ERP, every department in a company would have its own systems (everything…

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