Business challenges of the plastic industry

Seasonal demand

Shortened product life cycle

  • consumers in some verticals, like electronics, expect major new releases each year
    because they’ve been conditioned by the manufacturers and the marketers to, and
  • they expect every release to contain more new and exciting features than the last one
    even though they don’t even use half of the current features.
  • they also expect each new product to be smaller, lighter, faster, and more powerful than the one before

Volatile raw material prices

Environmental concerns

Opportunities of Plastic industry :

Rising use of Bio Plastic

Booming Auto Parts Industry

Government Initiative

Production LifeCycle

Item Management

Bill Of Material (BOM)

BOM is a consolidated list to manage the end product packaging. Being an essential part of the manufacturing process, BOM is used to link the formula with the finished goods or the intermediates stored in the inventory.By using BOM you’re smart Manufacturing software (ERP) can remind you when stocks are low that you can replenish as necessary. The accuracy in information helps in making better decisions about manufacturing the product efficiently and cost-effectively, aka getting more bang for your buck. Who doesn’t love that?

Material Resource Planning


Supplier Portal



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