We offer Cost affecting ERP to address the needs of TMT Bars Manufacturers as they shift to lower cost production and look to drive operational efficiencies.

The manufacturing of TMT bars involves a series of processes that dictate its strength and flexibility. These bars are well-known for their high tensile strength and ductility. Different grades in which TMT bars are available include Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, and Fe 600.

The main factors that determine the quality of TMT bars are as follows:

· Quality of the raw materials used

· The rolling mill used as that ensures uniform shape of all rebars

· Quenching and tempering system

Raw material for manufacturing the TMT Bar are

· Iron ore

· Coal

· Dolomite

The 5 main processes involved in the manufacturing of TMT bars are:

· Extraction of material from iron ore

· Primary steel making

· Quenching

· Self-tempering

· Atmospheric cooling

Production Planning Tools:

Create steel production plans based on material requests, production houses or sales orders. Generate material requests automatically, conduct quality inspections, and check whether you are on track to deliver orders.

Multi-Level Bill Of Material

As a TMT manufacturing ERP, Our ERP takes care of multi-level material requirements automatically. Track even complex manufacturing processes easily.

Item Variants & Batched Stock

Manage various items and all their variants, and create templates of master items. Track batches of stock and their manufacturing dates, expiration dates, and other details. No matter your stock, our ERP makes tracking all your stock’s complexities easy.

Serialized Inventory

Maintain serialized inventory with customizable naming series, auto-creation of serial numbers, and barcode scanning via your mobile devices.

Material Resource Planning

Material procurement and production planning for TMT manufacturing can become a nightmare for many organizations . That’s why our ERP shows every aspect of your MRP. Track how much material you use and make sure you aren’t wasting resources.

You will Get various analytic and Reports

1. ABC analysis

2. Forcusting of Material Requirement

3. Dashboard that will give you in depth details of all small KPI

Auto Creation of Job Cards

Define your operations once. Every time a new work order is created, job cards will be automatically created for the correct workstation.

Capacity Planning

Plan your employees’ schedules to ensure that you’re producing at capacity with maximum efficiency.

Auto-Reorder Items

Never get stuck in production. Automatically reorder items as they reach a minimum quantity.

Keep Your Suppliers Informed

Give suppliers access to the Supplier Portal, and reduce any back-and-forth with them. Suppliers can submit requests for quotations, purchase invoices, and automatic supplier quotations, or they can access ongoing purchase orders and receipts.

Custom Workflows & Approvals

Set approval limits, approvers, and more for any business task. Change everything as your company grows by simply modifying the workflow.

Conclusion :

New techniques employed in the TMT manufacturing process are based on new innovations that further add to the quality of TMT bars. Failing to use them can result in low-quality TMT bars. Therefore, the procurement team or individual buyers must ensure that they analyze the manufacturing process of TMT bars carefully before finalizing a particular brand and buy only from reputed TMT bar manufacturers

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