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3 min readDec 24, 2020

We at Bargad labs empower Non-profit organizations by providing Technical solutions with the lowest minimum cost.

Our ERP systems can bring an enormous amount of benefit to the non-profit organization. Faced with managing administrative systems, financial systems, and personnel (both employees and volunteers) across different countries and cultures, Nowadays diversity and multicultural transactions help NGOs to grow and sustain and keep their motive intact, NGOs depend on IT systems to keep their organization together and functioning. Add this need to a backdrop of stringent multinational regulations and transparency obligations (in both public audits and funding requests), and it’s clear that an ERP system might be just the thing to make the whole shebang run smoothly.

India has around 3.2 million registered non-government organizations, Approximately 1.5 million NGOs operating in the United States, In South Africa alone, there are more than 100,000 registered non-profit organizations and in Kenya, the number of NGOs grew by over 400% between 1997 and 2006. These organizations comprise churches, civic leagues, private foundations, public charities, and more. Every organization possesses an area of operational concerns. These are about ways of assembling resources and distributing them to everything that comes in between the process.

We offer :

Our NGO Software is developed to promote transparency and accountability in the NGO sector. It is FREE for smaller NGOs with less than 5 staff and not more than 5 payment transactions per month. For others, we have customized plans.

This solution includes the following :

  1. Beautiful Informative Website for NGO.
  2. Month Free Digital Marketing
  3. Payment Gateway Integration ( Razorpay )
  4. Complete Backend ERP system, Be it tracking members, donors, and volunteers or recording and receiving grant applications — Our Solution handles everything
  5. On-Demand Mobile apps for Volunteer, Doner, Administrator

Kindly review our Non Profit Product Presentation for better understanding.

The benefit of Using ERP In a non-profit organization

Listed below are a few more advantages of nonprofit ERP:

  • Creates transparent processes across the organization
  • Modernises back-end administrative processes through rule-based workflows
  • Offers secure back-end tracking, processing, and reporting of donations for audit and regulatory purposes
  • Improves decision making with quick, real-time financial information
  • Reduces data redundancy for more effective programs
  • Minimizes errors by automating processes

Contact for Consultation :

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