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Online Virtual Classroom

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Why Virtual Classroom?

  1. It brings participants together from different geographical locations.
  2. No expenses for travel, hotel & training facilities.
  3. All types of digital media can be integrated (e.g. videos, ppt’s, podcasts, etc.)
  4. Interaction between participants and instructor via application sharing.
  5. Suitable for training deliverables on short notice.
  6. Encourages social learning.

Sessions can be recorded and archived and thus can be used as a refresher course.

Virtual Classrooms — A Technical Overview:

A virtual classroom is an online classroom that allows participants to communicate with one another, view presentations or videos, interact with other participants and engage with resources in workgroups.

Virtual Classroom Setup & Live Classes Video and Image Gallery: Click Here

E-Library with Recorded Session :

Virtual Interactive Recording Classroom

Virtual Classroom — E-Learning Approach:

● Full HD video session facility accessible over multi-platform devices like Laptop, Desktop, mobile devices from any learning location including hostels, classrooms, home, etc.

● Multiple video support with dual-screen option for viewing presenter and multi-format document sharing simultaneously.

● Desktop & Application sharing option for enhancing learning experience of the students while enabling students both on-campus and off-campus to access the lecture content.

● Option of Aliasto names each logged-in User by enabling a banner for the Individual or location detail.

● Integrated web browsing option to share across the live annotation or viewing the online content for enhancing the learning experience.

● Breakout Sessions involving students having virtual interactive sessions for effective learning.

● Online objective test options for evaluating student understanding, conducting feedback polls, etc.

● Connectivity over any network to support the distinct login environments of the students (eg; WiFi, Broadband, MPLS, etc)

● Multiple camera support for integrating self or multi-format cameras of various makes to integrate and transmit simultaneous videos.

○ Non-Restricting

○ Affordable

○ Flexible Learning

○ Practical and Proven

○ Easy Accessibility

Sharing Documents: The faculty/facilitator can upload a file into the viewing window and all participants can see it. When he navigates through the document, moving from one page to another, the participant's screen follows along.

Chats: Chats enable communication through real-time typed messages, similar to an instant messenger program. It can be public so that everyone sees the note or sent privately to one individual user.

Annotate: Annotation tools allow for real-time drawing on top of shared documents or whiteboards. It adds visual flair to the screen.

Whiteboard: It is similar to a classroom white /green board. We generate this through our software where a person can type, write or draw using annotation tools.

Polling: It allows the trainer to ask survey questions in real-time to the participants.

Application Sharing: It allows facilitators to share applications and then learners can visually see them on their screen.

Solution Benefit :

Connecting remote locations on LOW BANDWIDTH

Freedom to connect over any network including data cards

Inbuilt recording capability at no extra cost

Replay recordings & Live Stream video files

Inbuilt Data Collaboration –

The document, Desktop, File & Application sharing

Mute all feature with hand raising option

Text Chat — One to One and Group Chat -

Private communication with every student

Voting option

Classroom Connectivity

Project Implementation Phases

Training :

Operational level training shall be imparted to the users. The training shall be a two to three-day activity, for a selected group. During the training, we shall explain the operation of various equipment installed, how the solutions can be started /stopped, how students and remote faculty can log in, and some of the DO and DON’Ts. followed by hands-on operations. An Operational Guide shall be distributed among the users for quick reference.

Virtual Classroom Setup & Live Classes Video and Image Gallery: Click Here

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