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5 min readMay 17, 2021
Omni Chanel Retails Solution

Omni-channel retail (or omnichannel commerce) is a multichannel approach to sales that focus on providing seamless customer experience whether the client is shopping online from a Web Commerce ,Store through POS or Through Mobile Apps .

What is the difference between Omnichannel and Multichannel?

Single-channel commerce :

Means you’re selling your product via one sales channel . This could be your store, your web shop or an online marketplace like eBay. This alone can work perfectly well. But, if you want to give your customers a richer buying experience with your product, it’s wise to look into additional channels where you can sell your product.

Multichannel commerce :

Sells your product to your customers on different channels, both online and offline. You interact with your customer via social media, by phone and in your physical store. Your online presence is on point and your customers know where to find you. Multichannel is already a great strategy to get people engaging with your brand.

Omni-channel commerce :

Takes place on multiple channels too, like the multichannel commerce strategy. Without multichannel, there’s no omnichannel. The big difference is that omnichannel commerce connects all channels. This means your customer has a seamless experience across all platforms.

Few Sholisticated Features :

Point Of Sales :

Compatible with any device, Our Cloud base Point of Sale software is user friendly, extremely flexible, and fully integrated with inventory for real-time retail management. It even works both online and offline.

Point Of Sales

Stock Management :

Our Stock Management features integrated inventory have a real-time view of product availability, stock levels in your warehouses, stock transfers, and more. You can manage batched or serialised items. Scan barcodes with your device camera for blazing fast search through stock for better retail management.

Stock Management System

Multi Store Management :

Worry Less open your branches with a few clicks and start transacting right away! You can configure dimensions for each branch and analyze your expenses, stock movements, profits and loss to assess your overall profitability through AI driven dashboard .

Multi-Store management

Online & offLine POS sync :
Point of Sale is a simple order / invoice entry screen that is used mostly in shops. The simplicity of POS makes it one of the highly used feature.

Offline -Online Data Sync

One common problem was that because of slow or poor internet connection, users were not able to use the POS at their retail outlets. Billing at shops should be fast and smooth and you don’t want your customers waiting
because you have bad internet. we use the browser’s memory. Every browser has a built-in data store called local Storage. This can store data from 5MB to 10 MB depending on the browser. Use this, we can build an offline-online solution. First, we have to load all the customer and item information, hence at the time of load, the internet connection must be active.

Off-Line and On-Line data Sync

The system keeps all draft/submitted orders into the local Storage even if internet connection is active. Every minute, the system checks whether the internet connection is active or not. If connection is active, then it synchronises the orders from local Storage to the server, and removes the data from local Storage.

Billing , KOT & BOT :

Simplify your restaurant’s operation with fast and accurate billing and KOTs

  • Comprehensive Table Management
  • Category-wise KOTs
  • Multi-terminal Billing
  • Works with 200+ printers, weighing scales and barcode scanners
  • Table Management (Split, merge and move)
Billing ,KOT,BOT

Menu- Management :

Get complete control over your menu items and prices, be it for dine-in, tak away or online aggregator portals.

Menu Management
  • Segregated Menus for Dine-in and Delivery
  • Customisable Menu Timings
  • Item Variations, Add-ons and Combos
  • Area-wise pricing
  • Item categories and groups (food and liquor)

Promotional Schemes & Loyalty Program :

Promotional schemes help businesses become successful as lower prices for a limited period of time to attract more Customers. In our POS, a Promotional Scheme is an easier way to manage pricing on multiple Item/Groups based on different parties and conditions. A Promotional scheme is linked to a pricing rule, against each slab system that will generate the pricing rule.A Loyalty Program allows Customers to earn points by spending a certain amount and lets them redeem the points in future purchases. A Customer Loyalty Program is a structured and long-term marketing effort that provides incentives to repeat Customers.

Promotional Offer

There are other exciting feature availbale i.e

  • Multi-warehouse Management
  • Barcode Integration
  • Expiry Management
  • Payment Getway Integration
  • API Ready to handshake with other 3rd party system .

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