Using Slack to Better Communicate with Your Global Team

Where Work Happens.

Communicating at scale is key to creating culture, so make sure you do it the right way. Slack is the perfect way to share meaningful messages company-wide in a manner that’s more immediate, direct, and personal than traditional communication tools. Working in Slack many of your daily tasks can be made easier with Slack. It helps with transparency within companies as well — messages that would have normally been emails can just be dropped into a quick message in a channel, so that the team is informed without needing to CC everyone on an endless thread of emails.

Users on average spend 10 hours each weekday with the platform open on their desktop and mobile device — that’s a lot of time spent on a chat platform, but that’s the beauty of it: Slack helps you get work done. You can create a private channel for a particular project or team, as well as public channel. It also allows you to send message to a group (or a particular person). It also supports voice and video calls. You can share your files, images, folders, and documents with anyone at anytime from anywhere.

Features Of Slack

1. Organize a to-do list

2. Meet with remote folks

3. Connect with your team anytime anywhere.

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