Web Conferencing Tools

Meeting through Web Conference

In today time where we mainly communicate via the Internet. It’s important to have the right tool available to us. Web Conferencing is a new era of attending the meetings. Web Conference is the next big thing in business communications & Conferencing is not simply a high-tech replacement for the conference phone, it is an eternal solution to many communications.

Web Conferencing lets you keep your clients at home. With Web Conferencing, you and your client can data-share important documents files and online financial information as needed without the headache of printouts and incorrect documentation. Collaboration tools facilitate quick communication among multiple stakeholders through group chats, videoconferencing, and messages (via the web or mobile apps) no matter where they are, or which device they’re using you can also show a product demo, report to your clients and get directives in real-time with HD video and data transmission. Web conferencing applications help them to strike a work-life balance too. So, if companies successfully integrate this, they can increase the job satisfaction of their employees.

Benefits of Web Conference: There are many but here I am sharing some

  1. No Travel Cost
  2. Simplifies the meeting experience

3. Save time without location constraint

4. Conference Recording

5. Configurable Music on Hold

6. Technical Support

What Web Conferencing can do:

  1. Slideshow Presentations: All conference attendees can view the slide show while the presenter discusses and explains it.
  2. Video sharing: The moderator or present can show or share a video or other media file from his computer to everyone else.
  3. File, screen, and application sharing: Attendees gain access to files and use applications shared by the moderator. Attendees can also see what the presenter is looking at and doing during his presentation.
  4. Text chat: Even when attendees are ‘muted’, they can chat questions for the moderator or comments and questions to other participants.
  5. Whiteboard: A virtual (or real) whiteboard allows for public comments, quick diagrams, and instant explanations.

How Does It work?

A good web conferencing system does not require you to schedule a conference, but instead gives you a dedicated meeting room that you can point people for a meeting. you can create multiple rooms, each gets its own URL, and you can even configure it to allow people to join. By using that URL you can access it anytime. Web conferencing usually allows real-time point-to-point communication as well as multi-task communications from one sender to many receivers in separate locations. Depending on the service.

This list will get over some of the best online tools for meetings, group meetings and screen sharing. Web conference tools are Paid & Free. The following list of some best Web conferencing applications which I have used personally and shared my experience, it can also give you some idea about the best video conferencing solutions available:

Skype Icon

Skype: This application supports Video/Audio calls and some cool tools screen sharing and chats. the screen presentation in skype always in sync between presenter and viewer. When you start sharing, the app automatically chooses how to share your screen and not only it is faster, but it also more reliable and works better in case of low network bandwidth conditions. By using this software user have the ability to record a meeting, and then publish either some or all contents in the meetings. A simple example I am sharing below :

Record & saveFile


This is one of the cool and latest cloud solutions used for desktop sharing, remote control, web conferencing, and file transfer. For this application all, you need is users User ID” or “User’s ID”. It is as simple as shown in below screenshot. This is the only tool you will ever need to keep all your computers and devices at your fingertips in just a few seconds.

Google Hangouts: This is a perfect example of Web conferencing service integrated with the Google+ social network & it is also allowing 10 people to join the call at a time. Hangouts allowed you to meet new people by invitation of participating user’s extended networks, or by setting the Hangout to public invite. Google Hangout is a free service that supports instant messaging, video and audio calling. It’s faster, lighter and otherwise better. Has mobile & web versions. I think that if everyone who uses Gmail for their email started using Hangouts for messaging, it would make it so much easier to communicate between iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Google Hangout Call

When I first came to know that it is free I immediately liked Hangouts when it appeared on the scene because it could do voice, video, and text chatting and as you can on above screenshot 8 people are doing web conference meeting from different places. isn’t it cool? You can also allow your colleagues to work on the shared documents by giving them editing permission, or you can limit access to “view only.” Drive also offers “suggesting” mode, where anybody with permission can suggest changes to the document.

In summary, Every Web Conference feels like an application that makes you want to have more web conferences. I would not have thought this was possible. So, keep doing conferences & attend meetings and make your work life easier.